HS-JMartin-French 3

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    The purpose of this Wiki page is two-fold.

    1. To help you review the passé composé in French.
    2. To model how to present a lesson to learners of French.

    As you review the content of this Wiki please keep its purposes in mind.

    The pages in this Wiki will be a review of the past tense. You will view the PowerPoint presentations, use the guided notes as necessary, complete the attached assignments and visit the links I have given to use for additional practice.

    In addition to the reviewing the past tense, this Wiki will also serve as a guide for you as you create your lessons. Think about the content I have provided, the structure of the content, the assignments and the overall structure. Please use my Wiki as a general guide as you create your own lessons. Most importantly, have fun!!

    Next step, go to the Le Passé Composé page and read the course objectives. Follow the directions to the other pages and activities.