Speedwell Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship

    Mike and Jenny Messner of the Speedwell Foundation have recently expanded the study abroad scholarship opportunity given the last few years to Warwick students. The scholarships are now open all Lancaster and Lebanon county students. Jenny, a Warwick graduate, studied abroad in 1970 and found it to be a life-changing experience. The Speedwell Foundation is now offering that opportunity to 20 students each year.

    The Speedwell Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship will fully fund 10 students who want to study abroad for a year during their junior year in high school. They will also fund 10 high school graduates who want to spend a gap-year semester abroad before starting college. I have included a link from the Wall Street Journal regarding gap-year studies:

    These scholarships, funded by a generous grant from the Speedwell Foundation (Lititz), will make it possible for ten recipients of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties to study abroad during one semester of the Gap Year (between high school and college) for free and include airfare and supplemental insurance. The Gap Year program makes it possible for students to be immersed in a foreign culture to accelerate language acquisition. Numerous studies indicate the benefits of linguistic immersion, and many colleges are formally recognizing the value of study abroad programs in helping students prepare for the challenges of formal academic study.

    The gap year, long a feature of education in the U.K. and Australia, is an experience designed specifically for students between high school and college. Gap year participation, an opportunity to gain language fluency, explore new educational interests, and gain maturity, is fast gaining popularity in the U.S. CIEE Gap Year Abroad offers recent high school graduates who have deferred college enrollment the opportunity for intensive language study, homestay accommodation, volunteer service, and cultural immersion in one of six Gap Year Abroad locations around the world.

    I invite you to learn more and access the application form at www.ciee.org/gap/speedwellscholarship.

    This year, the Speedwell Foundation and CIEE will award 10 scholarships covering program costs, airfare, and supplemental insurance, to Lancaster and Lebanon County seniors for study abroad in the fall 2012 semester in one of the following countries: Chile, the Dominican Republic, France, Spain, China, or Japan. The program focuses on language immersion and volunteer work. Students live with host families and attend classes at local universities. The
    scholarships are merit-based (students must have a 3.0, two years of language study, and be college bound). Any students interested in the program and scholarship can visit our website: www.ciee.org/gap/speedwellscholarship and should contact me directly with questions. The program is ideal for future foreign language, business, and humanities majors. Applications should be submitted to me by April 10th.

    Erin Frick
    Gap Year Abroad Scholarship Consultant
    CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange
    300 Fore Street
    Portland, ME 04101 USA
    Tel: +1.717.468.0509
    Email: efrick@ciee.org


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