ESL Parents & Students in all ELCO buildings.

    Welcome to the ESL, English as a Second Language, Wiki, designed to provide you with information about your children's experiences in the English as a Second Language program.

    Goals for all level English Language Learner's (ELL's) in all buildings: Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High School.

    1. To provide students an opportunity to listen, read, speak and write the English language using updated text and technological resources.

    2. To introduce students to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas, socially and academically in the English language.

    3.To provide students with opportunities to learn academic content using English language skills both in group settings and independently.

    4. To provide adapted literary content: short stories, poetry, magazines, articles, research, classic literature, drama, biography, and autobiography.

    5. To introduce and/or reinforce technology skills associated with 21st century learning.